MAYSL provides opportunities for young players to play at higher levels of competition.  Travel teams are put together by approved coaches so if you want to play travel, you must contact the coach in your age group (age groups are determined by birth year).

Signups are due the first week of July 2019. After obtaining permission from the coach, go to to register.

fees are $70 for home league ages 3 to 11, $80 for players 12 and older and travel players

U 19 girls Isaiah Peterson

U 19 boys Marcus Leyva

U 16 girls Seth Waltner

U 16 boys Marcus Leyva

U 14 boys Kirk Marmon/ Taylor Olney

U 14 girls Marcus Leyva

U 14 girls Isaiah Peterson

U 12 girls Andrew Beaumont

Age Group Birth Year Coach Phone Email
U14 boys 2005, 2006 Marcus Leyva
U19 boys  2000, 2001, 2002 Marcus Leyva
U14 girls 2005, 2006 Marcus Leyva
U15 girls 2004, 2005  Seth Waltner 760-5275
U19 girls 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 Simon Sultana 734-765-7340