All referees and coaches are expected to know the Laws of the Game. These can be found at

Please note that several law modifications went into effect on June 1, 2019 and are applicable worldwide. These can be found at

How to become a MAYSL referee.

All referees must be licensed by the United States Soccer Federation (USSF). Every referee needs to take a clinic to become licensed. These are offered once a year through MAYSL in August (see for information) or you can take them through any league in CYSA North. Most leagues schedule yearly reffing clinics and these are listed online at CYSA District 7 ( If you take the class through MAYSL we will pay your first year of fees.

The clinic includes pre-registration through and completion of training modules 1,2,3,4, 7, 8, 9 and 10 through Certificates from these modules need to be emailed to the instructor prior to the scheduled clinic.

If you renew registration each year with and pay your fees, it is not necessary to repeat the class. However, all referees have to take an online exam in order to renew the license.

According to California North Referee Association (CNRA), “there are no minimum age requirements to become a referee.  However, many local leagues may require a referee to be older than the players that they are officiating.  Parents are advised to assess the maturity level of their child prior to permitting them to take one of the Entry Level Referee Courses.” As a league, MAYSL will require that a referee is 1-2 years older than the age of the players they are officiating.

Uniforms and equipment:

Every referee must provide and wear a USSF approved uniform whenever they are reffing games. The colors change from year to year but the basic uniform is a yellow jersey with black stripes, black shorts with pockets and black socks with three white stripes at the top. Other approved jerseys include: red, black, and blue but we stick with the standard yellow because all refs in a game are supposed to match. You will also need a whistle, watch, coin and pen for all games. As an adult you will need red and yellow cards and flags.

Soccer Express  6751 N. Blackstone@Herndon, Fresno  432-7511

  • Tell them you are a MAYSL referee & receive a 15% discount.
  • They have ref gear “packages” as well as individual items.


Pro Soccer 6929 N. Willow@Herndon, Clovis 299-5363

  • They have ref gear “packages.” They will give MAYSL refs a discount on individual gear items.


You may buy the gear online through any soccer store or through many sporting goods stores or other soccer stores in the Fresno Area they do not need to be a specific brand.

Scheduling: completed by reffing coordinator

Schedules are completed on a weekly basis and we try to give everyone who completed the clinic an equal opportunity to referee games. We are committed to developing referees of all ages in the Mountain Area. Some players have schedule conflicts with their own games so when they have a weekend off we offer them the games first. We also try to put an experienced ref with a new ref for the first few games. Availability and assigning is done electronically. Please make sure to attend the preseason meeting (see announcements here or on Facebook MAYSL page at

The coordinator will check the schedule and assign games by email. Please confirm your games by email otherwise they will be reassigned to someone else if they are not confirmed by Thursday. Sometimes we have cancellations so we will call on Friday if we have additional games that we need covered. In the past we have had to make last minute changes on the fields due to postponements so refs must be flexible.


We use the game cards to keep a record of the games and also to pay the refs so it is very important that all game cards are turned in and legible. All refs need to print their name on the cards and make sure it is filled out properly with the date and age group.

For the under 5 through under 8 games we use one or two youth refs as centers and they are paid $10 per game. For under 10’s the center earns $20 and the assistants $10. For under 12’s and 15’s pay is $25 for center and $15 for assistants because the games are longer. All travel games are paid for by District 7 according to their payscale.

Spring league is different with scheduling and pay. MAYSL pays referees for travel games and District 7 reimburses the league.