Thank you to all of those who volunteer to coach. Your efforts as a coach make this a wonderful experience for the kids.

Coaching Guidelines

Build Out Line for U10 and Below

You can watch this short video to help better understand the new practice regarding the build out line that we are following this season.

Games for U4/U5/U6

Wadsworth Games for U5 Coaches

BSC U5/U6 Guides and Drills

Free Youth Soccer Drills U4/U5

Online Resources
This web site several resources including drills focusing on skill development and fun. There are several free games available. A GOOD PLACE TO START!

Laws of the Game

MAYSL follows the FIFA Laws of the Game for play. In addition we have Modified Laws and Guidlines as well.

FIFA Laws of the GameĀ 

MAYSL Modified Laws and Guidelines

Live Scan

Live Scan FormĀ and Instructions

Remember you all must complete a live scan through the soccer organization before you can coach.