*** Schedule for September 21, 2019

Under  5              8:00     All under 5 teams

Under  6              9:30      All under 6 teams

Under 8   Girls

1:00      Rivergold   (Flanagan)    Coarsegold  (Shipp)

2:00      Rivergold   (Miller)       Wasuma    (Meyer)

3:00      Wasuma )   (Gillaspy)    Oakhurst    (Bona)

Under 8  Boys

8:00     Rivergold A  (Gowin)        Oakhurst A   (Gist)

9:00     Wasuma A   (Ressler)       Coarsegold   (Lister)

10:00   Rivergold B (Lescoulie)     Oakhurst B   (Messenger)

11:00   Wasuma B    (Chadwick)   North Fork    (Glitch)

Under 10  Boys

8:00    Rivergold A   (Greathouse)  vs  Coarsegold  Munoz

9:00    Rivergold  B  (Church)   vs      Oakhurst   (Collings)

10:00   North Fork  (Quigley)       vs       Was/Oak    (Bartlett)

Rivergold C    Bye

Under 10 Girls

12:30   Wasuma   (Gillaspy)       vs    Rivergold B (Anderson)

1:30     Rivergold A  (Vasquez)    vs    Coarsegold (Lagow)

2:30      Oakhurst  Scheffeld     vs      Wasuma  A    (Wilson)

North Fork    Bye

Under 12 Girls

8:00     Rivergold A (Norris)   vs    Oakhurst  (Joaquin)

9:30     Rivergold B (Benak)   vs    Coarsegold (Kolenborn)

Under 12 Boys

12:30   North Fork Quigley    vs    Oakhurst   (Gist)

2:00     Rivergold (Anderson) vs Was/Oak    (Mendez)

Coarsegold  (bye)

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